Raw silk saree

Traditional raw silk sarees are always my first choice while skimming through my mother’s closet. When I would look at her saree collection, all I could think of is draping them and trying to look half as graceful as her in them. I wore one of my favorite raw silk sarees, to my convocation ceremony in the United States. On an occasion that a lot of girls were wearing dresses, I couldn’t pass up the occasion and not wear a saree. I paired this beautiful saree with an embroidered silk blouse and a traditional gold coin necklace set(putli haar) to accentuate the beauty of this saree.

I cannot imagine myself wearing anything else on such a momentous occasion in my life. A saree was the best way to commemorate my journey away from home and the years thereafter pursuing my Masters, learning so much more than just the coursework. Having traveled away from home made me realize how rooted to Indian customs and traditions I am.

Sarees are an integral part of my relationship with my mother. Be it, stealing sarees from her closet to sharing sarees and blouse designs from Instagram with her to have her purchase and plan outfits for me. This specific saree was one we bought together at a local store in Kolhapur and we liked the saree so much that we bought it in multiple colors.

My mother inspires and encourages me to be a better person everyday(including blogging about my love for sarees). She spends hours on the phone with me, every weekend teaching me the family recipes. I am lucky to have her in my life to be by my side, every step of the way, celebrating my wins and never letting me give up on my lows.

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