Green silk saree

Every saree has a story, an emotion attached to it. At times, the same saree may mean so many different things to different people. To me, I love wearing sarees that my mother wore on momentous occasions in her life. My mother got married at the age of 22 and had her first child(my elder brother) at the age of 23. Embracing motherhood at 23 takes a lot of courage and a lot of support from family.

I recently draped this beautiful saree that my mother wore to her baby shower and tried to replicate the elegance that she has and the poise that she carried herself in. I recently turned 27 and even today I cannot imagine myself being responsible in shaping the future of a child, in molding a child to be a good person and try and keep him or her away from the negativity this world has to offer.

In August 2019, I decided to adopt my baby( the most adorable Labrador-Boxer mix puppy) and named him “Mozzie”. He brings out the best in me and makes me want to be a kinder, better person everyday. Seeing him grow up right in front of my eyes and watch him love me and shower me with kisses is the only thing I need me to get me through a global pandemic. All my life decisions revolve around him and his comfort and that made me think of how my mother would have had to prioritize her husband and child over herself at 23. 23? At 23, I was working on excelling professionally with all the support from my family and friends, prioritizing my future over family.

Motherhood, believe it or not, comes naturally to women but isn’t as easy as it looks. It is very easy to critique someone’s parenting skills or to say, “I would have handled this situation differently”, but guess what, there’s one person in your life that will always priorities you over herself and it is your mother. It may not seem like your mother wants the best for you when she disciplines you or wants to know your whereabouts or reprimands you for a unhealthy lifestyle or for questioning some friendships/ relationships, but she only has your best interest at heart.


I have had my fair share of issues with my mother but it took adopting a puppy to be able to understand her perspective and her decisions because it may seem like your mother has hidden motives but the only intention ever is our well-being. So, draping this textured green silk saree that my grandmother bought for my mother during her baby shower in Nippani Karnataka, I am stepping out in -5 degrees and about 11 inches of snow on a weekday when I am stranded at home is my way of thanking all mothers across the globe for being the loving caring beings that they are.



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