My favorite paithani

A paithani is a classic saree that needs no explanation. Being born and brought up in Maharashtra, I have always wanted to own a traditional paithani saree. The one paithani in my closet belonged to my grandmother (whose saree collection was to die for) and has a wonderful memory attached to it. My grandfather had this saree custom made for my grandmother as a gift and I am the only person my grandmother trusted with her beautiful saree, making this saree my most prized possession.

I wore this beautiful saree to a college event while I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree( all of 6 years ago) and all my classmates could say all day was how beautiful the saree was and it didn’t need any accessories to accentuate it’s grace. A year ago in March of 2019, I lost my grandmother and all I could think of was her astute knowledge that she loved sharing with everyone that was willing to learn – she loved to learn new recipes, stay current on fashion trends and even learn new languages. My grandmother inspired me to do more and never give up on learning and trying to be a better person.

This post is dedicated to my best friend, my gossip partner, my lovely grandmother who loved me with all her heart and soul to the point that she learnt how to use a smartphone just so she can talk to me even though I am thousands of miles away. This is my favorite candid picture of all 3 generations sharing the frame taken on our last trip together. I miss you ajji <3

P.S – Attaching more evidence of how much she loved me. At the whim of her granddaughter, she very lovingly let me wear her armband as a necklace at my grandfather’s 61st birthday, just so I can feel like royalty.


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