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Mustard Silk Saree
Mustard Silk SareenamrataOctober 7, 2022TraditionalSarees mean something different to every woman that drapes it. Sometimes it connects them to their culture, whereas some other times, it connects them to their family. For me, it is all that and so much more. Draping sarees makes me feel closer to my heritage and lineage, especially due to the fact that my mother and grandmother loved draping sarees as well. This beautiful mustard silk saree marks the beginning of a beautiful new journey in my life. I wore this to the “vyaahi bhojan” event where my parents were invited to my in-law’s home for the first time for a meal. “Vyaahi bhojan” marks the meeting of the two families and initiates the conversations for the wedding planning. It is meant to be an icebreaker for the two families, essentially. On November 6th, 2021, we had the vyaahi bhojan for our wedding #Namak. With this meal, the two families began the wedding prep with great gusto. This saree is a traditional silk saree bought from a famous store in Tamil Nadu. I paired it with a beautiful temple jewelry set and a gajra. Keeping it simple with jewelry really let the saree shine through. [...]