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Rustic Pink Chiffon saree: Real Success

Success is something we all strive for, in different avenues of life, no one ever plans for failure in work or in relationships. But what we do tend to forget is that it takes an army of supporters to keep you sane in the days of struggle and celebrates your successes. In my case, I have been extremely lucky to have friends and family that pick me up when I’m low and make me feel relevant when I feel like I am not doing enough.

There are a lot of people that deserve credit for encouraging me to start writing this blog and a lot more people for keeping me motivated to continue writing about my love for sarees and my emotions attached to these beautiful drapes. This beautiful rustic pink saree is a hand me down from my mother, the saree chosen by my late maternal grandmother who had an exceptional taste in sarees. A chic and modern chiffon saree with a classic pink and gold color combination, makes this one of my favorite sarees hands down.

This post started off being all about what success means to me but that meaning has changed significantly in the last couple of weeks. Financial and professional stability is what I considered as success, but the funny thing about stability is, you never know when that will change and make life unstable. So at 27, here I am reconsidering what success and stability means to me. It probably means having people by your side that support you through your ups and downs, your ebbs and flows.

We all need people that support us emotionally and sometimes with a more hands on approach. I am blessed to have a very strong support system that knows what I am feeling even if I say “I am fine”, they cheer me on when they see me succeed and hold my hand when I feel low or face failure or setbacks.


While I post about big life changes – having to sell my first car, I want to thank all my people, my strength, my support system, my pillars for always being there and believing in me. You guys helped me realize that true success is measured by the people around you, your constants.

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