Maheshwari cotton silk Banarasi saree

On the occasion of Dussehra this year, I draped this gorgeous Maheshwari Cotton banarasi Silk Saree in zari weaving. This saree was gifted to me by my soon to-be mother-in-law.

This beautiful green saree was perfect for this auspicious occasion celebrating the victory of good over evil.

My paternal grandfather believed in doing good without expecting anything in return. He always taught me to empathetic towards all living beings- humans, animals and plants alike. He practiced the doctrine of Jainism – “non-violence” very dearly and never hurt a soul.

My mother always told me this one story where she cooked her first meal after she got married to my father, my grandfather ate the meal and appreciated it. The others began to eat, they quickly realized my mother had forgotten to add salt. When my grandfather was asked why he didn’t say anything he simply said, “we eat food with salt everyday, then why not eat food without salt one day.” This story stayed with me, we are often quick to look at flaws in things instead of looking at the good.

In the current global situation we all need some positivity and love. This is my humble attempt at spreading love and kindness to one and all, because we never know the struggles of the people around us, all we need is empathy to understand and love people.

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